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Waimanu, Big Island, Hawai’i


Waimanu, Big Island, Hawai’i

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I wish this was me right now.


I wish this was me right now.

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Gia "Electric Forest 2014 Hoop Troupe Casting" →
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I just made a gif edit of this amazing Rekindle Candle by Benjamin Shine and thought I’d share the non-animated version as well. 

"The Rekindle Candle is a candlestick holder which collects the melting wax to form a new candle.  As the candle burns, melting wax drips from the candle and accumulates inside the transparent stem where a length of wick is centrally located.  Once full, the new molded candle can be removed from the central section to start the process again."

Omg, that’s so great! :D

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General Electric Stereophonic Hi-Fi Record Player Solid State Stereo Wall Cabinet - Via

This is amazing.

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A Taste of Alaska Lodge {Minxuan Zhang}

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